Wednesday, July 8, 2009


so, a giant gap ensued in my timeline. it seems to have coincided with athan's superior gains in mobility and i will let the blame lie there. it's been a great year and a half. there are ups and downs but he's a happy little fellow and a real treat to share life with..

lately, he's into being a grownup..


livin easy with kaya and aunt renee..

piccolo finale at hampton park...thanks mitchell!

if we don't count 'uumm'(apparently i say that a lot), athan's first word is 'dawg'--with an inflection at the end, like it's a question. pretty funny. here he is pictured with freddie, mitchell and farrah's new friend..

dying easter eggs with the cercone's and kimes/buckners(not pictured)--little lillie and athan plotting their escape..

february 3rd 09 was athan's first birthday--we had a drum circle to celebrate. he loved it!