Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Life in Autumn

our little man is now almost 10 mths-unbelievable!he seems to be right at the brink of walking, practicing standing on his own and traversing along the furniture. we've got some 'da da da's and some funny little songs that include all sorts of sounds, but no discernible words--oh!, and 7 teeth! it's fun to watch the constant changes and i'm sure christmas as it comes will bring out some magic in him too..

election day included a marathon 4.5 hrs at our neighborhood spot. athan was terrific, spending most of that time in his stroller with reggie taking him on energetic 'field trips' around the grounds. despite the long hours, the attitudes surrounding us were jolly and we met lots of nice people that live in our area. all that and we got athan a president!

halloween with pebbles(kaya buckner) and bamm bamm..

milestone: learning the cheerio